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#45 - "Tools of the Trade"

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I won't engage with the fact that dropping hundreds of feet and then sticking your arm out to grab a rail should: A.) Rip your arm off or B.) prove that you are indeed in the final episode of Lost as I'm sure is the only fucking way this game can play out.

But anyway, BioShock: Likely Finite is good. Damn good. Maybe not BioShock good, and certainly not System Shock 2 good, but good. Have I used that word enough? I stand to be corrected though, it could knock my socks off later, but it would have to do something quite amazing to make up for its heavy handed start and seemingly characterless weapons, or the fact that I can do this:

BioShock: 2 Infinite Synopsis

A slightly strange gruff white male protagonist descends rises into the underwater flying city of Rapture Columbia where he uses Plasmids Vigors to fight Splicers Klansmen and saves/uses some girls to further his own ends while everyone quotes Atlas Shrugged The Bible, and then shit gets crazy.

Don't get me wrong, I see what they did and why. I just fail to muster too much joy when I praised its predecessor for being so damn creative.

Besides I have more Tomb Raider to play which, while not perfect, at least feels fresh. Horrendously violent to the point where I close my eyes and wish I could stop hurting this poor girl, but fresh. Which is surprising since it's Uncharted with the Bloody Mess perk. On that note, Tomb Raider may have failed to reboot my image of Lara as some hardened survivor. I picture her more now as some sort of attractive pinata toward which the universe has declared a frightful vendetta.

I can't wait for them to have to top this in Tomb Raider 2 (11). Months of development time will be spent on new and creative ways to penetrate the human body, all so some dickhead journalist can point out that Lara getting a pole through the head is uncomfortably phallic and undermines the reboot's entire message.

I'll see you all after Easter.