A few films from my university days, mostly to fill space. 

This one's not so bad, A one minute short film about the now retired five cent South African coin. The music is by Sufjan Stevens, who is far more talented that you or I, and I own no rights there. 

Forgive its oozing pretentiousness, it was more a personal challenge. I took away all my usual crutches and told myself I could use very little music and had to go find actors who didn't live in my house.

The title is for high school art dicks like me and directly translates to 'light/dark'. It refers to the style of painting that the film's lighting is based on. Specifically the painter Caravaggio.

The film features two wonderful South African actors; the veteran Sean C. Michael and up and comer James MacGregor.

A much earlier film and this time not written by me. Still has some decent parts and taught me to never film cats. Ever.