Daniel Dociu Guild Wars 2 iceberg shipSo Guild Wars 2 is set to change MMOs forever, from the way they play to the way they're priced. (If it doesn't mess some tiny detail up and go down in internet flames) Who knows, it's possible we may even get to play it this year.

People have talked at length about all the game's systems and blah, and its art has got a huge amount of press too thanks to the insanely talented Daniel Dociu.

But I'd like to remind everyone that we don't only look at MMOs for hundreds of hours - we also listen to them. That's why we all need to be paying attention to this man.

Jeremy Soule is composing the music for Guild Wars 2 and that is good for everyone and their earholes. Because this is the man responsible for this:

And yes the other two more famous ones as well, fine.

But seriously look at the list. This man has composed some of the greatest RPG soundtracks in the history of gaming. The man did Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, and of course the first Guild Wars series. He was also responsible for the only decent part of Dungeon Siege.

So to recap:

Let's just say we won't be muting this MMO and listening to South Park instead for quite some time.

And because I'm link happy today, here's a more hands on example: