"Playing games has become a footrace between integrity and capitalism."

sort of a review journey
I got the time to sit down and play through Journey the other day. I wish more games where that short.

I used to really look forward to 60-100 hour games when I was fifteen, but these days they make me feel like a horrible person. Hello there old friend, you have so much to show me but I’m going to ignore it all or I won’t be able to play your three competitors that also released this week. Playing games has become a footrace between integrity and capitalism.

So fight the power by playing a brief and beautiful painting. Oh wait it sold super well too, oh well.

Journey is like a distilled game. It takes all the experiences you would remember from a full 10-20 hour adventure and condenses them into a brief drifting wonderland. It also succeeds in that rare arena of mixing macro and micro control schemes, something that games in general have really struggled with of late. (Here’s looking at you Prototype, and perhaps more relevantly, Arkham City) You feel as if sliding down a 300 foot dune and hitting a single platform is as smooth and simple as taking a few steps.

My brother pointed out that the game as a whole is the best use of friction in a long while.
st. elmo's wire journey
This is dead on to me, and as you progress through the world you really get a sense of how you move over and through things. You feel the response from the ground you walk on in the controls in a quite an immersive way.

The story was also well executed, and a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be more abstract than it was.

Go enjoy this great example of game art if you haven’t already.